Exciting things are happening for Wentzel Law in the New Year and we wanted to share some recent news with you. We were recently featured on the front page of the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin for a major victory in the Illinois Appellate Court on behalf of our client, KinderCare Learning Centers, Inc. (“KinderCare”).

On January 11, 2016, the First District Appellate Court of Illinois issued an order affirming the dismissal of a lawsuit against KinderCare and granting our motion for sanctions against an Illinois attorney, Dennis James Stolfo, for filing frivolous and harassing pleadings and motions.

The appellate court noted that for over a decade, Stolfo has pursued frivolous litigation against KinderCare even though it was blatantly clear that the plaintiff had no viable claim. Despite numerous warnings and sanctions, the pattern of frivolous conduct continued. The appellate court further noted that to date, Dennis James Stolfo owes over $162,129.89 in sanctions. The appellate court ruled that Stolfo may not file any more pleadings or motions in the Illinois Appellate Court until he pays all of the sanctions imposed against him, and even then he must obtain leave of the court before filing. If he doesn’t comply, he will be sanctioned further.

The appellate court’s decision is groundbreaking because it grants Wentzel Law’s request that Stolfo be barred from filing any more pleadings or motions in the appellate court until he pays all of the sanctions. The appellate court also awarded KinderCare its reasonable attorney fees and expenses incurred in connection with the appeal. The full decision of the appellate court can be viewed here.