“I am so thankful that a business colleague recommended David Wentzel to me! I can’t describe the blessings that showered down on me after I hired David to take over my case from another attorney in whom I had lost confidence. David was beyond belief! He represented me and my business with integrity, honesty and expertise, using skillfully developed evidence, amazing graphics, and brilliant cross- examination. And what a wonderful orator! I have no doubt that no one could have represented us better.”

  Madeleine Gomez, PhD.
PsycHealth, Inc.

“David is the best lawyer I have ever used.”

“He would tell me what he was going to do and he would do it.”

“He found the best solution for me.”

“David is really aggressive and thinks through his analysis. He keeps pushing and the results are very good.”

“The first time I retained David was because the other attorney failed. David took over and we got the result we were looking for all along.”

Frank Tzeng, General Manager
Jada Toys, Inc.
City of Industry, CA

“Wentzel Law would be my only recommendation.”

“David is extremely intelligent and knows exactly what he’s doing.”

“He’s a fighter. He was very tenacious and I knew I was going to be OK.”

Jeanne Peach
Account Manager
Casper, WY

“You felt like he was really focusing on you as a client. You weren’t just another number, he took your case personally.”

“David does an incredible job coming up with solutions. He doesn’t sell you short.”

“Phenomenal research.”

“David is top-notch in the City of Chicago.”

“Incredible follow-through.”

Peggy Schulze, Officer
Great Lakes Midwest Management
Chicago, IL

“David was a godsend to my case.”

“I would recommend him very highly as a professional and a person.”

“David is very capable at spotting solutions.”

Jean Ruddy
Registered Nurse
Rochester, MN

“David was very thorough, tenacious, to the point and effective.”

“David is capable and willing to do the necessary homework to seek out solutions for the issues at hand. He will go to bat for you.”

“David is true to task and focused. He had no qualms about communicating with me to ensure that he was getting information from me as quickly as possible and sharing with me what his thoughts were.”

“He seemed to find things that I would have overlooked.”

“He is trustworthy, which I wouldn’t say about a lot of lawyers.”

Herbert Salisbury, D.M.D.
Palm Beach, FL

“David is one of the most persistent and hardworking attorneys I have ever met.”

“I was 100% satisfied.”

“David persisted on the case and that impressed me.”

“He continued and he prevailed.”

Joe Verzillo
Chicago, IL

“David was very helpful. He explained the legal process in a way that helped me understand.”

“He has your best interest at heart.”

“David was very good at breaking it down and didn’t throw everything at me at once.”

“Right away, he realized the solution to my case and we went with it.”

“Everything he did was to get me the best result.

Anthony Mancari
Project Manager
Chicago, IL

“I was most please with his tenacity, meticulous attention to detail and command of the facts.”

“I would recommend Wentzel Law without reservation.”

“David took a case that was churned for seven years by our other law firm and got it dismissed in six months.”

“He didn’t gouge me; he got to the point.”

“All business. A tenacious defender of his client.”

Allan Haggar, M.D., Vice President and Principal
Westbook Open MRI
Westchester, IL

“David got the case taken care of in a relatively short time with aggressive defense work.”

“I wish we made the switch sooner.”

“What we appreciated most, was the efficiency with which he came to understand the case and the aggressiveness he used.”

“I would recommend going with Wentzel Law.”

“With David, it wasn’t just about generating revenue. The charges were reasonable considering the hours that he put in and the skill that he provided.”

“I’ve said to many people, ‘avoid the big downtown law firms and go with a smaller firm that is interested in solving your problem.’ That’s exactly the situation with David Wentzel.”

Thomas Predey, M.D.
Westchester, IL