One of Chicago’s most prominent families came to Wentzel Law for help in the midst of a decade-long legal saga over the family’s wealth, business interests, and real estate holdings. The litigation was wrought with infighting, betrayal, never-ending lawsuits and atmospheric legal bills. Worse, the legal wrangling had completely paralyzed the family’s business, financial and personal affairs.

The client hired Wentzel Law to turn the ship around. As lead counsel, we developed and implemented a comprehensive strategy to gain the upper hand in the litigation, which involved some six different lawsuits in both state and federal courts across three states. At the same time, we engineered and executed sweeping corporate action to firm up control of key family business interests – lawfully. Our multi-faceted plan was an enormous success. Within nine months, we achieved what other high-powered lawyers had been unable to accomplish in a decade: a negotiated resolution that left our client in complete control of the business enterprises, at a fraction of the buyout price that our opponents had demanded before we entered the fray. We are happy to report that the client’s business is once again profitable and growing.